Hello, I'm ProCreation's bee icon. :)

In case you were wondering, I'm a symbol of fertility, growth, abundance, pollination ...you know, birds and bees stuff.

At the moment I'm just decoration, trapped here on the navigation bar,
but one day I'll be linked to my own realm The Anti-Hive and you'll be able to visit me there. That's where I become my evil alter-ego: Marketing Buzzword Bee. >:(

Bee animation

No, we're not a fertility clinic.

Nor do we make cheesy jokes about fertilising business opportunities.

We're a brand strategy and communications agency. In normal English that means we create advertising and design work, having first agreed some sensible plan upon which to base the ideas.

Our 'product' is creative work that promotes brands and sales; business in the short term, values and themes to build upon over the long haul.

Read a bit more about us here.

Some of the clients we work with.

Email us at: website@procreation.co.nz
Visit us at: 16 Monmouth Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Post a letter to: PO Box 78 063, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Short on hype, long on substance.

ProCreation is owned and managed by Elwyn Pugsley, former creative head and joint owner of Mercato Advertising, and Robyn McKenzie - Dave Clark Design's Client Services Director in her previous life.

We don't specialise in any particular medium. We advocate what we see as the right tools for the job at hand, so the work we do involves a mix of disciplines. We are able to handle most marketing communications tasks "in-house" or in conjunction with other specialists with whom we have developed and maintained close relationships.

The main things we offer are creativity, intelligent marketing insight, experience and the ability to execute and manage projects through to their successful conclusions.

We're always realistic about budgets and deadlines and we like to work with clients who share the same view.

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