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No, we're not a fertility clinic.

Nor do we make cheesy jokes about fertilising business opportunities.

We're a brand strategy and communications agency. In normal English that means we create advertising and design work, having first agreed some sensible plan upon which to base the ideas.

Our 'product' is creative work that promotes brands and sales; business in the short term, values and themes to build upon over the long haul.

Read a bit more about us here.

Some of the clients we work with.

To talk to us ring: +64 9 378 0242
Email us at: website@procreation.co.nz
Visit us at: 16 Monmouth Street, Grey Lynn, Auckland
Post a letter to: PO Box 78 063, Grey Lynn, Auckland

Our clients

We handle one-off projects for all sorts of companies, but there are a handful of clients we have an ongoing relationship with.

Super Liquor

ProCreation's remit covers the creative work for all communications. These range from simple fortnightly 'cycle' price and product promotions in press and on the internet, through to extensive campaigns involving TV, radio and lavish point-of-sale.

We're also behind Super Liquor's re-branding, taking place throughout 2014-15. ProCreation developed the new logo and identity for the brand, and are currently working with the client and other partner companies to roll the new look out over their 140 or so stores. Colours, signage, uniforms, interiors...it's an extensive and exciting project.

In some areas like web development and database marketing, ProCreation, as the 'master agency', develop the core creative themes and supply material to maintain the brand's look and consistent tone of voice (where implementation is carried out by other parties).

New Zealand Window Shades (Luxaflex, Weathermaster and Rufflette)

NZWS is the country’s largest manufacturer of blinds, awnings and garden umbrellas. Their marketing is complex and multi-tiered; ProCreation is involved in almost all of it.

For Luxaflex, we develop, execute and place consumer advertising, dealer advertising, sales aids, mailings - traditional and electronic - right through to price lists, installation manuals and other below-the-line work. Our work on Weathermaster has included an identity and collateral redesign, the launch of their outdoor products range and all the below-the-line bits and pieces that go with that. We hope to redevelop both brands' websites soon.

Fletcher Building Coated Steel Systems (Gerard Roofs, Dimond, Taurean Garage Doors)

ProCreation has been working with Gerard Roofs for about five years and handles most of the marketing communications in both New Zealand and Australia. Over the time we’ve been involved with almost all Gerard’s advertising, above and below the line, overhauled most of their collateral material and designed and produced their website.

The most visible part has been ProCreation’s TV campaign introducing the brand’s present and future creative theme - The worry-proof roof.

The company, Coated Steeel Systems, came into existence fairly recently through the merger of two formerly independent parts of Fletcher Building. ProCreation is pleased to have been appointed to handle the work for both. Presently we're doing the groundwork on Dimond and Taurean - so there's not a lot of finished stuff yet!


Manufacturer and marketer of kitchen and laundry appliances.

Robinhood initially approached ProCreation back in 2007 to re-design their corporate identity, re-branding the company and its products. Since completing the re-brand we have become more and more involved in Robinhood's business which we now handle for both New Zealand and Australia.

ProCreation's ongoing work includes all packaging design, advertising, brochures, point-of-sale and the design and production of their website.


ProCreation was chosen by UNICEF to create a direct response TV commercial for New Zealand as part of an international test programme. The test was a success and ProCreation's creative strategy and TVC format has been adopted by other UNICEF offices internationally.

ProCreation has since gone on to produce three successive commercials along the same theme. More about the campaign...