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A few examples of our work

We do a variety of things that can be broadly described as marketing communications. More often than not, the end result appears as some form of advertising, sponsorship or branded design.

As ever, good comms work is characterised by bright ideas, persuasive words and engaging visuals woven together into a sales message; that's what we do.

We are always mindful of business objectives, market circumstances and all the other factors that underpin what finally appears in print or pixels. There's more to good creative work than just doing good creative work.

On this page, and its subsequent links, are a handful of reasonably diverse examples of things we've done for our clients. There are many more where they came from.




























Scrapeater Pig thumb worry-proof endframe thumbnail
Window shades for demanding customers

The slogan "I want" is the cornerstone of this all-products campaign for Luxaflex. There's a shade to suit eveyone's needs, however unusual their wants…

Taking Scrapeater
to market

The Scrapeater waste disposer is the most successful new product in Robinhood's recent history. ProCreation's naming, branding and packaging played a pivotal role…

Super Liquor changing identities

The appearance of Super Liquor’s stores, the tone of their communications, and the design of their brand was developed in the eighties. Long overdue for an overhaul…

Worry-proofing Gerard Roofs

A series of five 15 second TV commercials, for Gerard Roofs' sponsorship of the TVNZ weather updates. Simple, memorable ways to communicate that a Gerard roof stays on top in any weather…

The anything-but-traditional Christmas

Christmas is fun; Super Liquor is fun; they're made for each other. This campaign builds on the brand's zany character to promote the best festive deals in a (surreal) world…

NZ interpretation
of Luxaflex's
US sub-brands

Luxaflex’s premium products were widely misunderstood by New Zealand consumers and retailers. This campaign defines a new category for Luxaflex explaining it by process of elimination…

Rangehood cartons double as product advertising at POS

With product display space at a premium, Robinhood had to look at other ways to show off their rangehoods and tell their story at point-of-sale…

DR TV that helps build the UNICEF brand

We set out to get donations with TV commercials that use all the proven techniques of direct response. Along the way we also helped position UNICEF differently from other aid agencies.