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UNICEF TV advertising

Much of UNICEF's competitors' advertising is based around a strategy of sympathy and guilt to drive response. The creative follows a formula of showing a distressed child or children, describing their plight, and using desperation and the urgency of their need to drive sponsorship.

Research shows there is a now growing "donor fatigue" towards "Begging" commercials.

We use a different approach: optimism

It's important for us to make commercials that position UNICEF differently from competitors. Creatively, we focus on what donors can and are achieving by being part of UNICEF, not the enormity of the problem. Participation should be a positive, uplifting act that people enjoy.

The imagery we use "from the field" is always optimistic, offering potential donors a sense of accomplishment rather than hopelessness. Each commercial is about what you get out of giving, the sense of satisfaction, the joy of helping.

Successful outcomes

This strategy has enabled us to generate a better quality of respondent and engage them for longer. Equally importantly we are positioning UNICEF as an uplifting, rewarding and successful aid agency.

The creative format for ProCreation's UNICEF commercials is now being adopted and trialled in three other countries.


























Cathy – the sincerity of the ordinary donor  

Her script was based around experiences real Global Parents (donors) wanted to share.

Hayley - UNICEF Ambassador Cathy - Real Global Parent Gareth Morgan - Economist