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Bee animation

Point-of-sale with the soul of brand and product advertising

Robinhood has a big selection of rangehoods. In most retail outlets only a handful qualify to be installed as display items.

For greater presence, Robinhood repackaged the range in coloured cartons which (stacked on the shop floor anyway) became display items in themselves.

To set them apart we used more than just product pictures and information, incorporating amusing, exaggerated demonstrations that are eye-catching and express some brand attitude.

They've been very popular and successful on both sides of the Tasman. In some instances, the retailers themselves have accelerated the repackaging by requesting certain models be given the treatment ahead of schedule.

































Rangehood cartons with pulling-power  

The Robinhood RWE 900 wall canopy carton's main picture
displays how the rangehood has the power to fascinate small children.

The RIE900 embarasses a cocktail party guest Kitchen herbs grow towards the prevailing rangehood. Young women are awestruck by the power of the RWV900.