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The laundry tub that merchandises itself

Good information at point-of-sale is crucial for any big ticket item, but it's often difficult to get retail space for it, or have it done well remotely.

The trick with the material for Robinhood's "Workstation" Supertub was to create something that came out of the box, along with the product, and involved minimal input from anyone in-store.

The key benefits are expressed as pre-applied (removable) stickers on the unit itself so the Supertub effectively becomes its own display.

The stickers are conspicuously monochromatic, as it was also important that sales messages didn’t overpower the aesthetics of the product nor preclude it from some of the more prestigious display environments that frown on excessive POS.

































Launch point-of-sale for the "Workstation"
The ST9001 Supertub "Workstation" model with point-of-sale: stickers and drawer liners showing storage and usage ideas make it a life-size diagram of its features and benefits.