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An NZ slant on Luxaflex's US brands

Along with regular blinds, Luxaflex market a suite of four state-of-the-art “shades” whose attributes and appearance are a cut above most window coverings. But, each product has a name (from the US) that's difficult to grasp and meaningless in New Zealand.

To make the products easier for sales consultants to explain and for consumers to remember we grouped them together and named a new category – “Softshades”. Neither blinds nor curtains, Softshades could become an entirely other thing.

The campaign includes magazine ads, POS, search and display advertising and tools for retailers.

Creating the Softshades collateral also involved extensive graphic design work.

Possibly the most demanding part was the rationalisation of swatch books (mighty tomes displaying fabrics) by condensing the details of the four into one cohesive unit.

































Consumer magazine ad (NZ House & Garden)  

Double page spreads introduce Softshades as a new type of window covering. Different product photos were chosen to be sympathetic to the editorial style of each magazine.

Swatch books Magazine ads Brochures Point of Sale