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Born again plastic bottles

Luxaflex's most eco-friendly fabric is called Revive and is made from recycled (and highly recyclable) PET, the plastic water bottle material.

To blatantly make this point to architects, we supplied NZIA conference delegates with drinking water in special, explanatory bottles.

At a purpose-designed display stand, the bottles could be 'recycled' and swapped for a fabric sample, approximately the equivalent of the bottle, along with details of colours and vital specifications.

Sustainability is an important consideration for architects and interior designers, particularly those involved in large-scale commercial projects.

This job was in part about the launch of Revive fabric, but also about helping Luxaflex's recognition as a credible, environmentally friendly provider.

































A bottle with a Luxaflex message  
It takes approximately 12 recycled PET drink bottles to make a square metre of Revive fabric, but only one to make the point to an architect or interior designer.
The NZIA conference stand itself explains the simplicity of the journey from bottle to blind. Designed to be like a walk-in diagram, the stand shows actual samples of the recycled materials, in their different states, as they move through the stages of the process.