Hello, I'm ProCreation's bee icon. :)

In case you were wondering, I'm a symbol of fertility, growth, abundance, pollination ...you know, birds and bees stuff.

At the moment I'm just decoration, trapped here on the navigation bar,
but one day I'll be linked to my own realm The Anti-Hive and you'll be able to visit me there. That's where I become my evil alter-ego: Marketing Buzzword Bee. >:(

Bee animation

Product promotions at many levels

Super Liquor promote a selection of core products fortnightly in press, EDMs and on the web.

Each cycle, ProCreation invent a "reason" for a "sale" based on real-life events, anniversaries and what's on at the time. The connection is often tenuous and just an excuse for some fun.

The executions involve Super Liquor's weird animal characters embracing the occasion.

Twozee Time

Twozees is a sub-brand that ProCreation invented so the client could promote couplets of products.

(Increasingly restrictive legislation prevents bonus offers involving alcohol, but characterising two items as one thing is within the rules.)

Twozees is Super Liquor's most successful ever promotional vehicle and is now the backbone of most of their large scale campaigns; on TV, on radio, in digital media and at point of sale.

































Fortnightly campaigns with pseudo-topical themes  

In this instance, New Zealand Music Month is the reason
to celebrate with some bargain booze from Super Liquor

Celebrate NZ Music Month and save with Super Liquor The US Masters' golf tounament in Augusta, Georgia Jackie Chan's birthday is observed at Super Liquor