Hello, I'm ProCreation's bee icon. :)

In case you were wondering, I'm a symbol of fertility, growth, abundance, pollination ...you know, birds and bees stuff.

At the moment I'm just decoration, trapped here on the navigation bar,
but one day I'll be linked to my own realm The Anti-Hive and you'll be able to visit me there. That's where I become my evil alter-ego: Marketing Buzzword Bee. >:(

Bee animation

An anything-but-traditional Christmas

Along with being an ancient pagan festival, Christmas is a pretty important time in the calendar of alcohol retailers.

In the surreal world of Super Liquor there are many reasons to celebrate: Twozee Deals; Super Sonic specials; Prezzie packs and of course regular products with attractive prices.

ProCreation’s part is to work all these together into a structured Christmas campaign for a brand that’s about convenience, value and gratuitous fun.

Set in Super Liquor's bizarre world of random animal people, the campaign includes press ads, a raft of different point of sale, online media, radio and of course, TV commercials.

































Get in quick and grab a Super Sonic price  

Weekly three-day-only specials get the added boost of TV advertising.

Chrissie prezzies for everyone Super Sonic 3 day specials Festive Deals - prices that make you want to dance